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Best Treadmills for People Over 300 LBs

Working out when you're already overweight is extremely difficult, and it's easy to get discouraged by a fitness industry that seems to market itself towards people that already look like they could be models. A lot of budget exercise equipment isn't even designed for the above average American weight capacity. That's why we've compiled a list of the top treadmills for people over 300lbs, and what you can expect to get in these models.

If you weigh 300 pounds and up, you are already fully aware of what it is like to navigate the world as a person of size. Not only is it much more difficult to find clothing and seating that suits us comfortably, but everyday objects are not often rated to handle capacities beyond a certain weight. This is no different when it comes to fitness equipment. Those of us seeking to take a walk on the treadmill to clear our minds and get a little healthier in the process face a problem. 

The average female in the USA weighs 159 pounds, and the average man weight 191 pounds. Modern fitness equipment, often rated at 300 LBs, is built to handle the average-but not persons of size. Meanwhile, a treadmill rated with a max user weight of 500 LB, used by a 305 LB person, is built to withstand the force that is being put down by feet and the body. If you slip up and slam your foot down harder, the treadmill can take it. 

What can I expect from a treadmill with a 300+ LB weight capacity?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $260 to $1500 for a treadmill of this caliber, roughly speaking. You can expect a machine of higher durability than a traditional treadmill. The higher the price, the better it will perform and hold up against wear and tear.

Using a treadmill rated for a weight beyond 300 lbs. means less shaking around as you perform your workout, more sturdiness, and overall a longer lifespan for the machine. Typically, it is recommended to use a treadmill that has a peak weight capacity 30-50 lbs above your own weight, to ensure your own safety.

You can also expect a better cushioning system in a treadmill designed for higher weight capacity, as well. A good cushioning system provides support for your joints, and reduces the wear and tear on your hips, ankles and knees. If the treadmill you seek doesn’t have this, consider looking elsewhere.

Typically, it is recommended to use a treadmill that has a peak weight capacity 30-50 lbs above your own weight, to ensure your own safety.

What other features should I consider when buying a treadmill with a 300+ LB weight capacity?

Speed: Look for the ones that have powerful motors. Another important factor that determines a treadmill worth is its top speed. Common preference is 11 to 12 mph but 10 mph is acceptable if it’s budget friendly.

Biometrics tracking. Keeping watch on your heart rate during your workout is key in making sure that you are operating at a level that is safe and healthy for you. This is important if your doctor has imposed exercise guidelines on you, or if you are an athlete aiming to reach a certain fitness goal. A treadmill that keeps an eye on this for you will show you progress and let you know where and when to slow down or go harder.

Workout programs. If you just don’t know where to start or need a little bit of structure in your workout, find a treadmill that has workout programs. These programs sometimes focus on a goal, like fat burning or heart rate, so they provide you a sense of direction and get you working to do whatever it is you want-lose weight, get your heart rate up, and so on. Another great thing is that they are timed, so you can just start the program, turn on the TV or some music, and work hard until the timer runs out. It takes the guesswork out of exercise.

Entertainment features. Some of the most high-end treadmills have televisions built into them. Others have the ability to play your MP3s right from the device on which you store them, like a phone or iPod. If you know you get bored easily or know that you can’t put your treadmill near your own TV or radio, consider purchasing a treadmill with entertainment to make workouts more fun.

Automatic incline. An automatic incline allows you to adjust the incline simply by pressing the incline button on the console without having to pause in the middle of your workout. A manual incline is better than none, but the goal is to keep moving so that you enjoy being active longer. As the rule says, a body in motion tends to stay in motion! 

Plus, the incline adds more work to your walk, meaning you burn more calories and work harder. Think about going up even a small hill-it’s a lot of work! This is an easy way to challenge yourself and strengthen leg muscles while putting less pressure on the knees. 

1) LifeSpan TR1200i

Key features
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Incline is motorized
  • 15 incline levels
  • 17 preset workout programs

Sitting in the middle price range for treadmills of this variety, the LifeSpan TR1200i is a good value for the price. This treadmill comes with an incline and has many workout options to keep you busy and challenged. 

You can save your exercise data online to track it and keep a watch on your progress. There are even speakers included, so feel free to blast your favorite MP3 tracks as you walk along. A bonus is that it folds up when not in use, so you can just tuck it away to save space or make room when guests come over.

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This treadmill goes up to 300 LB. So, if you are 300 LB or close to that number, this treadmill will provide you a nice way to get that workout in and get your step count up. One thing that really matters is the treadmill belt, and this one is no exception. It’s a two-ply belt and moves along wide rollers, therefore making it more tough than most others like it. Your knees will also enjoy the cushioned deck and shock absorbers.

What's not so good about this treadmill?

We noticed there was no fan on this treadmill. Put a fan near your treadmill to keep you cool, or clip one onto the side to make sure you don’t overheat while working out. The data tracking service that we liked about this treadmill is only free for the first four months with new LifeSpan machines, and after that you must pay. Granted, a lifetime membership is only $70, but we didn’t like getting a taste of the service and then realizing we had to pay for it to continue. 

  • Incline is automatic and feels good
  • Great audio sound
  • 11 MPH top speed
  • Control speed on handlebars
  • No fan included
  • Pay for data tracking
  • Only holds up to 300 lb.

2) Horizon Fitness T101-04 available for $998 on Amazon

Key features
  • Tread surface is 55”
  • Steps, calories and distance counted
  • 30 workout programs
  • Folding treadmill

Here is a sturdy, durable treadmill that you can use for all of your walking, running and jogging needs. One thing we really liked about this treadmill right off the bat was the variable response cushioning system, which is good for those of us that have some weight bearing down on our feet and knees. 

There is a solid part at the back of the belt, a neutral zone in the center, and a flexible part in the front where feet are likely to land. This treadmill is ideal for light walking or light jogging. The top speed is 10 MPH, brought to you by the 2.25 HP motor. It’s a great treadmill for people who are just getting into running and walking. This sits in the low to mid-range for treadmill prices.

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

The weight limit here is 300 lbs., so if you exceed that weight and still want to work out, you should think about a different treadmill. However, the cushioning system on this treadmill is an absolute dream on the knees. As far as the weight of the treadmill itself, it is 100 lbs. lighter than the bulk of heavy duty treadmills on the market at 165 lbs. It is easier to move if you are not so strong or able to lift heavy objects. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

While the tread surface is great at 55 inches, those of you with a long stride or who are very tall might not have a very comfortable experience. While 10 MPH is a great speed for most of us, the industry average is 12 MPH, which you might eventually reach in your quest for fitness! Furthermore, there is only room for one profile on this treadmill, so members of the family cannot save their data along with you. And while this is great for beginners, once you become more advanced in your running, you will probably look elsewhere for a new treadmill due to the lack of stability while running.

  • Foldable treadmill for easy storage
  • 30 Workout programs
  • Quick Touch controls
  • Warranties on frame, motor and parts
  • Not great for advanced runners
  • Only goes to 300 LB
  • Motor not as powerful as some others (2.25 HP)
  • 10% incline-industry standard 12-15%

3) NordicTrack T 6.5 S available for $599 on Amazon

Key features
  • Weighs 203 LBS
  • Quick Incline adjustment
  • Heart rate monitored through sensors on handlebars
  • 5” backlit display monitor to see progress

This low-price range treadmill has all you need when you seek to get fit. The 2.6 HP motor gets you up to 10 miles per hour, and the incline goes to 10%. We noticed the motor was smooth and quiet during its operation. The FlexSelect cushioning system is used to provide support to the knees and joints during operation. 

You can make it firmer to simulate running outdoors if you wish. The console of the T6.5 S is easy to use. There are 20 pre-set workout programs, and you can access iFit using a paid subscription. With this service, you can also expand your own treadmill workout library using Google Maps, track your workout progress, and more. You can also plug in your iPod, so you can rock out as you run and walk. It makes for a great, basic treadmill. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This treadmill handles 300 lbs. and under with ease. The FlexSelect deck is great for those that are a bit on the bigger side because it gives you a soft, cushioned running area, as you should expect from a good quality treadmill. Those of us with knees that need some extra care and consideration can appreciate this. The impact your runs have on your body and joints are minimized in this way. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

The top speed is only 10 MPH, whereas the industry standard is about 12 MPH. Granted, many of us will need some time before we get to 10 MPH, but once that goal is reached you will be seeking another treadmill. The setup for testing was a bit of a pain-we needed an hour to put it all together. Lastly, a chest strap would have been nice to help monitor heart rate, but one was not included, as you sometimes see with treadmills. And with a weight capacity of only 300 lbs., it excludes a lot of people who want to work out.

  • NordicTrac is well known name in fitness
  • Adjustable FlexDeck
  • 20 programmed workouts
  • Large 20”x55” running area
  • No chest strap for heart rate
  • Only supports 300 lbs.
  • Takes over 1 hour for setup
  • Only goes to 10 MPH

4) Weslo Cadence G 5.9 available for $324 on Amazon

Key features
  • 117 LB treadmill
  • Blue LCD display for progress
  • Foldable
  • Comfortable Cell Cushioning to lower joint impact

Here we have a small, G 5.9 treadmill that sits at the low side of the price range. It is certainly small, so great for those of you limited on space or who just like a minimalist approach. 

You will enjoy features like a 2.25 HP motor, which was a bit noisy during our test, but not so noisy that we didn’t hear a phone ring and the chime go off on the computer for email. You will easily hear a TV over this, so don’t despair. There are also 6 pre-set workout programs that you can use to provide direction and goal-setting during your workouts. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This treadmill only holds up to 275 LBS, making it not so great for those of us that exceed this number. 

It does, however, include the ability to adjust the belt and make it harder or softer, thereby being a great choice for people who should minimize impact on their joints. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

The weight limit is the part about this that we did not enjoy as it excludes so many. It was noisier than the other treadmills we used during our test run, but not so bad that we couldn’t hear the office stuff going off. Another object of concern is that if a person is very tall and has a long stride, the short deck of this treadmill will be an uncomfortable experience. The running area is 18”x54”.

  • Folds up for easy storage
  • 6 Pre-set programs for easy workout goals
  • Budget price
  • Heart rate monitor included
  • Noisy
  • Not very stable due to low weight
  • 18”x54” running area
  • 275 lb. limit

5) Pinty TRM-1024

Key features
  • 3 Incline Options
  • Blue LCD Console
  • 5 Layer belt platform
  • Folding treadmill

Pinty is a name that we hadn’t heard of before in the fitness industry but were pleasantly surprised. They offer a great low-price range treadmill. They are built with the finest components you can think of, which is none other than solid steel. 

These parts are also fortified with anti-rust coating, so if you are storing this baby in a basement that gets a little wet, you can avoid rust. These are found in hotel fitness centers which see many visitors, so they are built to hold up. Putting the treadmill together was a snap, and it had a nice wide walking area for such a small treadmill. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

Coming in at 300 lb. weight capacity, this treadmill does a great job of supporting its users. However, this still does leave out some other people who might want to get in on this.

This treadmill seems solidly built with quality components. The belts, the rollers and the motor are of high quality and users can expect long lasting service from it

What's not so good about this treadmill?

As with some of our other treadmills, you often got a nice pre-set array of workouts to choose from. Here, you just get on and go-so have a plan in place if you are unsure. For those of you in USA, this only measures kilometers and not miles, so be ready to make those calculations to ensure you are running as far as you should be. The motor was a little noisy after we got it up to level 10 and beyond. There is also no adjustable deck option, but the 5-layer belt is a nice alternative. 

  • 92 LB treadmill
  • On/off buttons on handle for extra convenience
  • Safety key in case you have to stop quick
  • Cup holder for water bottle/MP3 Player
  • Noisy past level 10 on treadmill
  • Smaller running belt area (43.3”x15.7”)
  • Only measures in KM, not Miles
  • No preset workouts

6) AFG Sport 5.5AT

Key features
  • 2.5 HP quiet motor
  • 20” by 55” running surface
  • Multiple user accounts
  • 212 Lb. treadmill

This is a treadmill that is best suited for experienced runners and newcomers to fitness alike. This is a treadmill that is in the middle price range. The motor is nice and quiet, and the deck has variable response cushioning, so you enjoy a smooth experience no matter the style of your run or the length of your stride. 

One great thing about this treadmill was the fans that were built into this treadmill. There is not one, but 3 LED screens that will get you connected to 9 different workout programs. You will like how easily this treadmill folds up for storage, and the range of speed goes from .5-10 MPH for a challenge at any level. There is even an MP3 sound system. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This treadmill holds up to 300 lbs. as far as weight capacity goes. This is pretty good for most of us, but not all of us. The variable-response cushioning serves as a great way to replicate a natural surface that a person would run on. 

It adjusts to your own specific running style, so you can count on that at least for a bit of accommodation and personalization. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

This treadmill was a breeze to set up, and fun to test. However, we noticed a lot of static shocks happening. Picking up the feet did not help, there were small zaps here and there. The 16 oz water bottle our tester had for hydration did not fit so well into the cupholder, and upon plugging in the MP3 player, the music just didn’t go as loud as we would have liked. There was also no heart monitor strap for easier times keeping heart rate in check.

  • Quiet treadmill
  • Foldable for storage 
  • Fans and accessory trays
  • Easy to assemble
  • No attached heart monitor strap
  • Speakers were not very loud
  • Static shocks
  • Water Bottle did not fit

7) Weslo Cadence G 5.9i available for $306 on Amazon

Key features
  • 6 Preset workouts
  • Belt size of 16”x50”
  • Folds up for storage
  • 2.25 HP motor 

This treadmill sits at the low end of the price range and features and above average build for the price you pay. This is basic treadmill that will serve those who just want to walk and perform light jogs. Those of you that are interested in serious running should consider another product. 

The amount of quality definitely correlates with the price tag here, and this treadmill is best for a living room, light walking/jogging setting. Despite its light-duty nature, this treadmill does feature a great build for the price. Furthermore, the incline on this treadmill has only two settings compared to other treadmills that have many more features. The G 5.9i has a tablet holder and smaller motor compared to the G 5.9.

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This treadmill only suits up to 275 lb. people. Another thing we noticed about this is that the build is pretty good and sturdy, so it will support persons of the appropriate weight. We also noticed that this treadmill did not appear to feature any sort of shock absorption while it is being used, so those with bad knees will want to think about this carefully. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

While this is a great budget model for those that just want to walk, the fact that there is just no entertainment is a bit disappointing. There are no speakers for music or an audio jack. Also, there are no fans equipped. It only holds 275 lbs., leaving many people out in the cold. It is also rather small in the running belt department, so tall runners will not have a good experience. Lastly the incline is manual, so you must change that prior to working out. 

  • Great price
  • Folds up store easily
  • Great for small homes
  • LCD display
  • No USB/Aux capability
  • No fans for cooling
  • Not for running
  • Manual incline

8) Nordic Track C 700 available for $799 on Amazon

Key features
  • 2.75 HP Motor
  • 55” track
  • iFit console
  • Customizable cushioning

This NordicTrack is a mid-range price treadmill. This entry-level treadmill has the track length that a new and experienced walker will enjoy and get a good challenge out of. This is not recommended for runners, however. This treadmill features a 10% incline and also has entertainment options available. 

Great for power walking and light jogging, the 22x55” deck will keep many happy and moving along. You can choose between 20 different workouts and keep watch on your heart rate. You will also enjoy the FlexSelect on/off cushioning to keep your joints protected or simulate running outside. The Google Maps feature lets you take it a step farther and simulate walking outdoors. Overall, it is a decent treadmill at a price point you would expect. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

Max weight on this treadmill is 300 lbs. The treadmill is just the right level of quality for those who may not be so experienced in running or power walking, and so it is a great starter treadmill for someone looking to begin a fitness journey. It also has that cushioning feature available, so if you happen to have a lot of weight bearing down on the knees, you will enjoy the way you can do exercise on something of a softer surface. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

The treadmill is not suited for runners, so once you hit that goal or if you are a runner already, this treadmill won’t be the best choice.  Another thing we noticed about the treadmill on looking at it closely was that the build didn’t seem to be the greatest in strength and durability, the frame being made of plastic parts. Customer support has always been a little hard to get from NordicTrack. Another thing is that the warranty lasts only 1 year for labor and parts, a relatively short period of time. 

  • Musically friendly-hook up your iPod
  • Automatic incline
  • Fans included
  • Tablet holder
  • Parts warranty is short
  • Customer service is hard to get
  • Not for runners
  • Build did not seem durable

9) Schwinn 830 available for $899 on Amazon

Key features
  • Folding Frame
  • Thick belt
  • 12% incline
  • Comes with three-speed fan, water bottle holder and USB port with speakers

This Schwinn treadmill is priced at the upper end of the price range. It is a folding treadmill designed for home use. This is a solid, durable treadmill great for joggers and walkers. Users will enjoy a 2.75 HP motor, 55”x20” belt, 12% incline, and 22 preset programs for working out. 

You will enjoy a display that features time spent, calories burned, and distance covered. You can save four user profiles to the treadmill. You can enhance the fun of working out with the small ledge allowing you to hold a smartphone in place, and a USB port with speakers. The track is short, and the cushioning is light. Therefore, runners should look elsewhere for better shock absorption.

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

The weight capacity on this treadmill is 300 lbs. It is best suited for walkers and joggers, so for people who are new to fitness and won’t be running anytime soon will benefit from this treadmill. 22 preset workout programs make it easy for newcomers to set goals and get a sense of direction as they navigate the world of working out. 

What's not so good about this treadmill?

The warranty on this treadmill is not so great. You get ten years for the frame and drive, two years on electronics and parts, and 10 years on the frame as well as the drive. Many treadmills like this actually carry warranties for life on their frames and drive. The deck on this treadmill is thin. We noticed other machines tested had 1-inch decks, this one had a three-quarter inch deck. It’s not as sound absorbent, nor is it as durable. This leads us to believe this machine is best for walkers, not runners putting a lot of impact on the belt. 

  • Good room for jogging
  • Four profiles can be set up
  • Includes fan and heart rate monitoring
  • Durable in construction
  • Shock absorption not the greatest
  • Thin belt
  • Warranty is subpar for price
  • Not for runners

10) ProForm 505 CST

Key features
  • 18 Workout programs
  • Folding, easy to store treadmill
  • Smartphone compatible for sound
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 25 years on motor, 1 year on parts

This is a high priced, but great treadmill that is designed for both durability and convenience among users. This is a space-saving, folding treadmill that you can move anywhere. But even though it is compact, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort. Users will enjoy the superb cushioning throughout the entire belt area to make it easier on the joints. 

The motor comes in at 2.5 HP, and you can raise the incline to 10%. Speed maxes out at 10 MPH. The running area comes in at a little compact at 20”x55”. The console is basic but gets the job done. Water bottle holders, a holding rack, and audio function are the keys here. There are 18 programs to use for your workout pleasures. There is no wireless heart rate monitoring feature, just a grip sensor to hold when it is time to check. 

Image Source: Amazon

What about the weight capacity?

This weight capacity tops out at 325 lbs., which is the highest we’ve seen in all our testing. Thank goodness for that, as even more people can enjoy the benefits of a great walk. And the fact that it provides cushioning on all areas of the belt is great news for those of us that need to walk on a softer surface.  

What's not so good about this treadmill?

The running area is small, which can be problematic if you are a tall person. The speed controls are fine for novices, and 10 MPH is fine for beginners. But 12 MPH could be better and serve more members of your house who might be more advanced. The entertainment is rather basic. And for those of you that want to spend a little extra and get a wireless heart rate monitor, think again-it is not supported on this machine.

  • Great value for price
  • Durable and reputable brand
  • 325 LB limit
  • Cushioning all over the belt
  • Entertainment is basic at best
  • Only goes to 10 MPH
  • Small running area
  • No wireless heart rate monitor

In conclusion...

To ensure a safe and healthy workout, choose a treadmill that is rated for your proper weight and fits your budget. Figure out how much you can spend, and what features you must have. Then, take a look at our reviews and other customer reviews to decide what’s best for you. 

Be sure to measure your home to see what size machine you can fit. Order, then get your sneakers on and get to steppin’!