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Used Exercise and Fitness Equipment

We've assembled a list of the best sites from which to buy or sell used fitness equipment such as treadmills, trainers, ab machines, weights and other exercise gear.

The biggest problem with buying used exercise equipment is dealing with the shipping. Many exercise items are heavy, bulky and unusually shaped, making them difficult to box up securely and safely. Many times, items will arrive with a leg or other piece sticking out of their box, the paint will be scratched and the item may have a small dent. With an already used item, maybe this isn't so bad, but because of this issue, we usually recommend that you buy big and heavy items only from individuals when they still have the original shipping container and packaging, or from an online store that has the experience and the materials to package the equipment correctly.

Here is our top site:

What ever it is you are looking for, you can probably find it on eBay. Besides the many individuals auctioning off items there, lots of companies are selling their products on eBay as well. Most of these companies are using eBay to get rid of refurbished items, closeouts, one-of-a-kinds, outdated models and blemished items.

See eBay's Fitness Equipment Listings

Just type what you are looking for in the search box below and see what's being offered today:


Used treadmills and other exercise equipment:

If you have had success with a used fitness equipment site that isn't listed here — let us know so we can pass the info on. Thanks.

Other Suggested Sites:

Used Gym
is for the professional gym owner. They buy and sell used fitness gear from and to fitness centers.


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