Upper Body Strength Training

Besides watching what you eat and getting cardio exercise, most people need to do some type of strength training if they want to get into and stay in shape. When you build muscle, you burn more calories, have more endurance, and have a leaner appearance.

Sometimes women are afraid of weight lifting because they don't want to get bulked up, but unless you try to bulk up, it won't happen. Upper body strength training can be easy and fun, and it's great for your long term health.

Upper body strength training is something that most people enjoy because they get rather fast results. Lifting weights is a huge part of training the upper body. Free weights are great for this, but you can also use machines at the gym that offer resistance training, and you'll see the same benefits. Be cautious -- don't overdo it when you start. Consider doing three sets of ten repetitions using a weight that you can lift, but yet is still a bit of a struggle to do it. Try doing this three times a week in the beginning.

Your arms are not the only concern when thinking about upper body strength training. One area that most people overlook is the neck. At first blush, your neck may not seem important, but many people suffer from neck fatigue. Some exercises for the arms and shoulders can also work your neck as well.

You back and stomach muscles are important for looking good and staying lean, but they are also important for your posture. Many people have back problems because they have poor tone in the torso. Your torso muscles hold you up and keep your bones and joints in alignment. Make sure you add exercises and workouts that target your abs, back muscles and hips. Sit ups and ab exercises are great, but if you add some weight resistance, you can see even quicker results.

You can do your training at the gym or, if you have the room, at home. There are some good exercise machines that you can use at home. And although they may cost more than a monthly gym membership, you may find that you are exercising more because of their convenience. But as long as you are getting some kind of workout three times a week or more, you are well on your way towards looking better and feeling better.




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