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Abs and Ab Machines
from some of the top fitness shops on the Web. Here is a select group of most of the better stores that specialize in abdominal trainers and exercisers.

Dicks Sporting Goods
This big sporting goods retailer has an online shop that stocks exercise gear like abdominal machines and exercisers.

When you are looking for a program to train your abdominal muscles, you have plenty of options. But in order to choose a fitness program for yourself you need to remember to consider your own goals and the current state of your health. Look at your entire state of health, especially your diet, as it all plays into how you look and how you feel.

One of the best exercises that you can do for your lower abdominal region is the reverse crunch. Most people already do the regular crunches and, while they are good, if they are all you do, they won't give you the kind of look that you want. Reverse crunches are helpful for any routine that you already do. Whereas with a normal crunch, your knees are on the floor, with the reverse crunch you keep them off the ground, in a bent position, while holding your hands behind your head. The goal is to get your knees and head as close together as you can mange without having to strain. Your abdominal area needs to feel pressure.

Ab rollers are a useful and inexpensive tool that is great for stomach workouts. They are small and easy to store and carry around. The ab roller looks like a wheel with handles attached to it which is what it really is. You just kneel down, grab the handles and push the wheel away from you and then pull it back.

This back and forth motion is great for the abdominal muscle area. Used ab rollers are always listed for sale online and you can find new ones at many sports stores. If you want a simple and inexpensive machine to try out, this maybe the one for you.

With all of the machines that are built for working the abs, if you look closely, you'll see that most of them are basically just helping you do a bunch of crunches.

That's because the crunching motion is what stimulates and strengthens your abdominal area, though the focus of the exercise or machine will vary and some will target the lower or upper abs. The weighted crunch machines you see at the gym or buy for your home, are good because they allow you to control exactly how much resistance you work with and you can adjust the machine based on what you are capable of working with. Doing crunches with a machine will usually be more effective than doing them on your own on the floor.

More people worry about whether or not they're doing the right stomach workouts than any other kind of exercise. However it is better to focus on regularly doing workouts you know will work and staying on a healthy diet. There is no such thing as a perfect stomach workout that will give you immediate results. The only way to get the physique you want is to work at it daily. Short term and long term goals are the best way for you to track the progress that you are making.


Ab Dolly
The Ab Dolly Official Site - work all four abdominal muscles at once.


Ab Machines

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Sports Authority

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